Happy very late New Year everyone 🙂 i cant believe its 2011 i wish everyone an amazing year all the best.
i haven’t had time to update since my last post and my lap top wasn’t working ‘bad times’ but what matters is that this year i will try to post as often as possible get more D.I.Y ideas on the blog as i haven’t had time to do any D.I.Y or customizing yet but this year will be different am really exited.
Talking about excitement my contract at the company that i work with ends nextt Friday 😦 am really sad to leave I’ve enjoyed my time there sooo much its been amazing i got to know everyone and ive learning new skills 🙂 but on the positive note well sort of lol i been applying for new jobs and had an interview last friday it went really well i got a call back like an hour after the interview 🙂 but the most exiting part was the outfit hahah i know a lot of people have the same issue specially for girls, i personally didn’t want to be to dressy and also definitely not to casual so i had two outfits in mind one was very ladylike ‘will be huge this year, mid skirts etc but i wasn’t to sure as it made me look slightly to old for my age and no one wants to look older right ? lol
So i chose a very different outfit that i felt confident in and looked smart yet fashionable and not to over done.. I love this look and am enjoying wearing bows so much its a really great way to update your style and be different i know a lot of girls who would never wear bows but i really think you shouldn’t rule it out before trying. vintage shops usually have great bows that’s were i got mine from 🙂


AM WAERING PEG TROUSERS FROM  http://www.oli.co.uk/
Shirt from http://www.debenhams.com/
shoes from http://www.aldo.com/
Bag From Market
 Bow from Vintage shop

Looking and felling confident is the key factor you need when going to a job interview
always make sure your comfortable in what your wearing (pulling down a dress because its to short, crossing your harms because your not happy with your middle section those little things will nock down your confident  so always make sure you dress smart but confident in what your wearing never give away any signs that your uncomfortable in what your wearing.
Check out those fab trousers am so in love with them lol at only £25.00 ill have one please


Forget about the boring suit/office dresses most people well older ladies wear in interviews
try this gorgeous stylish very Victoria Beckham dress team it up
with some black tights and a pair of heels not platform high heels just mid heel remember its an
interview not a casting call for movie or something lol
dress on sale from werehouse at http://www.debenhams.com/

But if your a fan of the suit style dresses you cant go wrong with this
Dress from http://www.oli.co.uk/

 See y’all soon 🙂
x LoLiTa x



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