Heyyy its been a minute πŸ˜€ missed this crazy world of blogging.. glad to be back :p so much went on since my last post its crazy.. two weeks ago i went to Park Life and it was amazing such a great experience i actually dont know where to start.. It was madness, but the reason that i’ve not been blogging is that i didnt have my lap top for two weeks i left it at my sister and didnt go there for like two whole weeks it sucked so bad hahah..Okay so this is whatΒ happenedΒ one of my besties his a dancer and they performed at Park Life and he put me down as one of the dancer mamber’s and it was awesome to have the performers pass πŸ˜€ the next day i got an even better pass it was just amazing hahah… here are a few pictures from the two crazy days oh yeah me and my friend Anna ended up having a mud wrestling fight at the end lool… and ill get back to my outfit post soon πŸ™‚ xxxΒ 

Β Thank you for stopping by i shall see ya’ll very soon kiss kissΒ 
LoLiTa xxx

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