*******Its all about the Starz********

Hi Guys Here’s yesterdays outfit, My team leader was ill and put me in charge of my team and what’s the first thing you do when your in charge of a team at work you show them you mean busyness lol ‘am joking’ but yeah i wanted to look professional and look smart at the same time chic and comfortable for the running around, am rocking two huge trends the hair bun once again and stars (print) stars are going to be everywhere this season, another way to achieve this trend but still be on budget i would invest in small stuff such as jewellery, scarves with out going all out..
so this is what i was wearing. 
Blouse- Religion, Sunglasses- Republic, Trousers- River Island
Shoes- Aldo, Bag- Mango, Belt- Peacock, Earrings – Vintage 
 Palm bracelet- Asos, Ring- Miss Selfridges
Thank you for passing By

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