Miss Universe 2011 – Miss Angola :D

Miss Angola Leila Lopes 25, a business student from the town of Benguela, was crowned Miss Universe on Monday Leila Lopes takes her place as the winner of the 60th annual Miss Universe pageant.
 I am so proud to be Angolan of course not just because of the miss Universe but i think this is so major and at least its something positive for change,  for those who don’t know am mixed half Angolan Half Portuguese am proud of both my heritage and wouldn’t change it for the world.
Congratulations to Leila hopefully people would have something positive to concentrate on rather than just the negative stuff we hear about Angola…

She’s absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful smile 🙂
Thank you for stopping by 
Got to go get ready for work (SUCKY)

11 thoughts on “Miss Universe 2011 – Miss Angola :D

  1. I was so excited when she won, I mean its about time an African country win this thing. Not just that she's beautiful and her smiles is to die for. Wow that's cool that you're half Angolan.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. 🙂 I checked also your blog and found this. You look beautiful like Ms. Angola. Btw, I'm from Philippines. Phils. won 3rd runner up in this pageant. Stay beautiful! 🙂

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