First Day of The Holiday!!

Hey Girls am back and supper happy really needed that holiday, kinda sucks to be back to work and normality but i guess
 ‘a vida continua’ = life goes on! i have a lot of stuff to share the outfits, most beautiful pictures and some funny ones.
Anywoo this is the outfit i wore on the second day we went to the Zoo, can you believe it was my first time ever at the zoo, well yeah you probably can believe it lol, I had a really good time and enjoyed the all day specially the giraffes they are so beautiful (will post the pictures on another post not to make another picture overload post)
T-Shirt- Topman (Hello i’m awesome), Skirt- Market, 
Belt – Charity Shop, Bag-Primark, Rings- Miss selfridges & Republic
Excuse the not very ladylike pose

See ya’ll Soon Girls
Thank you for stopping by

19 thoughts on “First Day of The Holiday!!

  1. ahhhh you are just gorgeous!!! skeep up the great work. it is always great to come upon another African style blogger with super dupe style!


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