The Holiday Continues – Supper Sunny Day!!!

Happy Friday everyone make the most of the weekend! here’s another outfit post of my mini holiday..
This day was amazingly Hot specially for Britain and end of September, I absolutely loved it.
(was planning on wearing my white ripped jeans for a casual look but the weather was that hot i decided to cut them into shorts phew so happy i didn’t cut it to short lol and they turned out okay)
Went around Lake District, explored some great location took some awesome pictures (its such a beautiful place and i will definitely re-visit again in the near future preferable during summer time.
Top- Debenham’s, Flat shoes- Primark
Elephant Chain & Sun Glasses – Republic
Short’s – Ripped Jean from Select – cut into shorts-
I hope you enjoy your weekend
Stay blessed and have a wonderful Fashionable day

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