Everything has Beauty but Not everyone Sees It….

Hey Everyone, How’s the week going so far, I can’t believe how fast the days are going..
Can’t wait for Friday already, Should and hoping to have a great start to my Friday also though an amazing Maxi Dress from H&M that was on sale so am hoping it doesn’t rain tomorrow so i can wear it before the weather changes completely but this being Manchester am not counting on it 😦
Anywoo Those Image were taken from my mini holiday i just wanted to share I Love this First Image i can’t believe i took this , its such an artistic image and am well proud of myself for spotting the beauty and capturing it! also the one of the tiger drinking from when i went to the Zoo its so beautiful i cant get over it! 
P.S the outfit bellow with the Skirt and Orange bandeau i was actually wearing white blazer with it (wasn’t walking around dressed like that around Lake District )
Sorry About the Long image overload post
Have a wonderful Day 

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