So Long Summer….

Hi Dolls, its been a minute or maybe longer i missed the world of blogging i’ve not even been commenting back i do apologise I’ve been using my dangle for internet and to be honest its really crap aka Sucky!
I am so happy my straight hair is back pheww the trouble and fight i had with my afro comb lol wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemy okay little to dramatic there but honestly combing out my afro hair was hell but am glad i did it and am glad to have my straight hair back even though everyone was telling me to keep the Fro but i just got bored of it and needed a change …
I can’t believe the festive season is just around the corner this year is going supper fast o_O
Today’s outfit i wanted it to be casual yet chic with an edge, leggings give any outfit that chilled casual look just had heels for that extra chic-ness and femininity but if you want to go all casual and relaxed Flats would work just as well..
Hat – Claires, Chains – New Look & Key Necklace – TK Maxx
Rings – Chinese Stall, Miss Selfridge, H&M,
Vest – Used to be Blazer I cut the sleeves off 😀 
Bag- Market, Leggings – TK Maxx, Shoes- Republic > Click Here
When I get the Internet Working again properly i cant wait to check all your Blogs out..
Hope Ya’ll have an amazing Weekend everyone, Happy Halloween!!


72 thoughts on “So Long Summer….

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