**My Beauty Little Secrets**

Hello Girls, Hows the week going? Hope Your keeping warm because this weather ain playing..
I can’t believe how freaking cold its been o_O seriously I’ve been inside the house for the past two days not even tempted to go out but today i braved it and went out for dinner.
Anyway i though ill do a quick beauty post i don’t really take long when doing my make up because i have and I’ve had the same routine for a very long time. In the morning i use the Visible clear Neutrogena- I have to admit since i started using this its made my skin so much better i remember when i moved with my friend  for about a month i wasn’t using this my skin started changing and not in a good way, even though i already have oily skin it became worst.
My make up routine its the easiest am not big on eye shadows even when going on nights out, its all about the eye liner for me, i could go out without make up but never without eye liner.
I use baby Johnson’s as a primer also for my body, after the lotion i use Rimmel London lasting finish 25h the reason i started using this foundation was because i was told its good for oily skin even though it makes it better i wouldn’t say i don’t get the shiny face after a few hours i think there are probably better foundations out there for this problem but its quiet affordable so i just stick with it..
My favourite is the Dream Matte Mouse its amazing i use it like a blusher/bronzer all over my chic and also little bit all over the face (My friend < Male Friend once told me after i did my make up using the matte mouse he said wow your face looks photo-shoped lol ) 
My other beauty Products such as lip stick and liquid eye liner i get them from SuperDrug brand called 2True and they have this deal buy 3 for £5 so it kinda works for me and they are pretty good i don’t have any complaints really, mascara i use it sometime most of the times i just forget to apply it. Oh and my eye brows i get them shaped once every two weeks threading and i use brow liner to define them.
I saw the picture of Ashanti on Look Magazine yesterday and since I’ve been struggling with my hair i though ill give it a go today and this is how it turned out, i added my vintage scarve and made a cute bow  it looked quiet boring without .
I love Reading beauty blogs i think there are sooo many talented girls out there when it comes to make up i wish i was as good.
Have a wonderful week Guys ill probably post on Friday or Sunday.
Am working on fashion project will start filming soon i cant wait to share everything when am done 🙂 

26 thoughts on “**My Beauty Little Secrets**

  1. Hey the post is good but the spelling mistakes made it a bit difficult to follow because you lose track a bit when reading.
    In terms of foundation, why don't you try clinique. I have problem skin and this has helped me a bit.

  2. I love this post cause I love reading about how women apply their own individual makeup. You look lovely. And I can't believe your a mum, I found out on twitter. Your on HOT mama. I would love you to check out the Forever21 give away on my blog.

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