****Sometimes all you need to do is Smile ****

Hello Chica’s, Hope ya’ll had an awesome weekend.
Here’s the outfit i was wearing earlier on, had dinner with all my friends from where i used to work.
I was actually going to wear something else but it was to windy and crazy today so i chose this dress from Jane Norman, when i got dressed i felt way to gilry and that’s not me at all so i put on the hat from Claire’s and the edgy shoe from Internationale, My Belt is from River Island bought a few years ago, the bag is Chloe but i so cant afford it its my sisters lol.
Am in Love with this necklace is so beautiful and only cost my £5 pounds from a Chinese stall in Arndale market Manchester, My jacket is Vintage.
Also as you can see i got my hair done by my sister’s friend i love the hair its beautiful but wow really not me  but am getting used to it 🙂 
Sorry about the pictures today was to cold outside so did them inside a shop hehe
Have an amazing start of the week

46 thoughts on “****Sometimes all you need to do is Smile ****

  1. Hi Lolita – thank you for your lovely comment!
    And yes you´re right – this bag is beautiful!
    But its “only” the bag for this ghd styler as an accessoieres!
    Every edition has other accessories with different coulored and styled bags 🙂

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