All Night Long

Hi Guys, How’s your weekend going ? Hope you all had a great one I had an amazing weekend.
On Friday after Dinner I had a relaxed time them got ready to go out, I have not been out Clubbing in a while I would go as far as saying I haven’t been out in over year but i used to go out probably every weekend, anyway I wasn’t to sure on what to wear to be honest but I wanted to be myself and didn’t want or I wasn’t going to wear what I call a stereotypical club wear. So I chose this Top From H&M and my Skirt from my previous haul from Primark styled with my Debenhams Choker and River Island Belt I also chose to wear the same shoes from the day outfit because they are so comfortable I love chunky heels but when I was on my way I was like those shoes are not BOOM enough for a night club lol.
Wearing- H&M Top, Primark Skirt, Choker – Debenham’s
Shoes- Miss Selfridges, Bag- Market, Belt – River Island
Put that close up picture for the make up I was wearing some false eye lashes which I’ve missed wearing.
Hope you had a great weekend and a blessed Sunday, I shall see ya’ll soon.
Stay blessed and Fashionable 
Lucia Lolita 

56 thoughts on “All Night Long

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