..Mix the Browns and Texture..

Hi Dolls, Its been a minute since I last blogged or done anything really.
I hope your all had a great week and happy weekend to you all.
Today was dress down day at work and I chose to wear this maxi skirt I’ve had for while now teamed up with my primark jumper and vintage inspired bag. I love both those necklaces am wearing specially styled with those colours the short one is from asos and other from Republic. 
The pictures look really bad because I didn’t have much time to mess around with the settings on my camera and I was already late for work so just took those pictures real quick.
What’s everyone doing this weekend?
Today am just staying in order some food and have a well deserved relaxed night in.
Have a great weekend Dolls..stay blessed and fashionable
Lucia Lolita

41 thoughts on “..Mix the Browns and Texture..

  1. 1stt things 1st o.m.g, you r totally hot,sexy, beautiful and gosh!!! 8droooooling**. anyhu back to fashion matters WOW!! love your whole outfit.the bag perfect.
    i have even followed u and bookmarked ur site on my phone and laptop coz u have caught my attention that bad anyhu comethru my fashion blog too emprss and follow back i'ld appreciate it very much

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