Matthew Comer- Photographic exhibition

Hello beautiful, I hope your all doing great, am so sorry about the lack of post but I think I mentioned before I don’t want to just post for the sake of posting I really only wan’t to put out stuff that would interest you guys and inspire, anyway I always tell people how lucky I am because I know so many artistic, creative people its absolutely amazing.
 Yesterday I went to my one my friends photography exhibition who also used to be my manager at my previous job and I have also worked with him on my modelling days. The ambience was great good music, great company drinks and of course the images were just what I Expected stunning.
He’s supper talented International Award Winning Photographer from Manchester UK.
Check out his facebook page facebook page and Website
The last picture- Moi, Mathews Gorgeous Girfriend and the Man himself Matthew Comer.
Have a wonderful weekend guys, Stay blessed and fashionable
Lucia Lolita

7 thoughts on “Matthew Comer- Photographic exhibition

  1. I would have loved to see your whole outfit, or a link where u purchased the dress, if possible. U look gorgeous btw…

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