That Studded Night…

…Hey Doll’s Happy Sunday to you all…
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, mine was alright didn’t do anything special.
This is my outfit from Friday night, I think my style is definitely versatile but if was to describe my style with one look it’ll be this one even though I haven’t really dressed this edgy in a while am not sure why but I will definitely be bringing my edge back.
I also filmed a video for this Look but my friend is still in the process of editing, am really excited to see how it all looks at the end. 
Decided to wear my hair in a bum lately because I left my straighteners in London and my hair so needs it if I am to wear it down lol.
This outfit video is now Live HERE please Like, share and Subscribe to my chanel… Thank you so Much xxx

Top- Republic, Jacket/Blazer- New Look
Jeans- H&M, Sandals-Dbenham’s,
Necklace-Mango, Bag-Vintage

…Wishing you all an amazing Sunday
Stay Blessed and Fashionable
Lucia Lolita

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